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Fire Safety Enforcement Advice

In partnership with Local Authority Building Control officers we ensure that:

  • Building plans meet the necessary fire safety standards to ensure that the people using these new buildings are safe in the event of fire.
  • Inspect (Audit) commercial premises on a risk basis ensuring compliance with the current fire safety legislation.
  • Undertake particular inspections when required an example would be ensuring the use of fireworks in nightclubs is forbidden. (after a recent incident in Russia).
  • We give Support to our fire crews on fire safety issues.
  • Deal with public houses licensing applications.
  • Deal with complaints on a wide variety of fire safety issues.

This time of year

  • We undertake pre Christmas inspections of premises occupied by large numbers of the public e.g. large shops, stores shopping centres etc.
  • Check out major event fire safety requirements
  • Arrange themed visits for operational crews such as checking the means of escape in aged persons homes and nursing homes.

Areas to be considered over the festive season

  • Overcrowding of public bars
  • Blocked means of escape due to security issues
  • High build up of combustible materials (Cardboard packaging etc)
  • Obscuration of fire fighting equipment by decorations
  • Ensure decorations are not obscuring signage
  • Ensure decorations will not prevent smoke detection actuation
  • Advice on arson prevention matters
  • Overloading of electrical sockets due to additional requirements
  • Use of candles
  • Use of fireworks.


All fire safety matters (complaints) should be forwarded to the nearest fire station who will contact a fire safety officer if required. Find your local fire station on the GMFRS website.

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